Thursday, January 5, 2012

Short weeks always...

seem longer than regular weeks.

All day long it felt like today should be Friday.  I was so bummed that it wasn't.

Tomorrow is Friday, though, and I am ready for it.  Not that my kids are being naughty...much.  They were kinda trying my very last nerve today, though, and by 3:40 I was MORE than ready to see them leave for the day.

I realized last night that, duh, I have to do lesson plans for next week.  That was a big downer!  I was rather enjoying the two weeks of not having to do them.

BFF!!  You are back!  That makes my heart sing!  I missed your comments on my blog.  :)  Now...when are you coming to visit me??


See...this is what happens when I blog every night.  My normal pointless drivel gets even more pointless.

I really, really don't have anything else to say.



1 comment:

  1. Short weeks do stink! Mine was only 3 days (due to my girl being sick) and it feels like 6!
    Lesson plans are a downer...I remember having to do them soooo many years ago!
    Yes I am back! Dont' know for how long with these computer "issues" but for now here I am! :o)
    As for a visit...I REALLLLY want to come up when we turn 30-10!!! Please pray for a ticket that is under $350.00!!!!! UGH it is sooooo expensive to fly out of this city!!!
    And...your normal 'pointless' drivel NEVER gets even more 'pointless'.