Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What will they say next....

Heard recently from the mouths of my students:

  • "You know, Miss Olsen, when I first met you (a year ago), I thought you were only in your twenties...even with all that gray hair."
  • "Will you all please be quiet!  She is trying to make a pronouncement."
  • "Miss Olsen!  You are wearing (with an audible gasp) MAKE-UP.  Everybody!  She must have a date!  She has MAKE-UP on!"
  • "He had one too many circumcisions."  (Please, please don't ask me where that came from or what it was in reference to.  I couldn't even begin to tell you.)
  • (When they found out I am taking a day off in March)  "WHAT?!?  You can't leave us!  No one understands us like you do!"
  • (On my plans for next year)  "No arguing.  You will be our teacher next year.  We can't not be your kids anymore.  Besides.  You know you don't want those third graders."  (They speak the truth on that one.)
  • "I think I might cry at the end of this year.  I didn't last year but I am pretty sure I will this year.  Will you cry, Miss Olsen?  Will you cry when we leave you for the summer?  You will cry, right?"
Sweet Lord.

What will they say next?!?


  1. TOOOOO FUNNY!!!! L-O-V-E IT!!!

  2. Those are hilarious!!! I especially love the make-up and circumcision comments. :-D