Thursday, February 16, 2012

Here I am...

I have no witty title.

I have nothing exciting to say.

But I am here, nonetheless.

All for you, BFF.  All for you.

You may show your thanks by coming to visit me for our rapidly approaching fortieth birthday.

I was scolded today by a parent that I am friends with on Facebook.  Apparently she was offended by my happiness in what occurred at school yesterday.  Although I don't care that she may or may not agree with what happened, in deference to her I removed my post.  And then I was annoyed by that.  I really am pretty careful about what I post on FB because I am friends with quite a few of my students, both past and present, as well as a few parents and teachers.  I make sure that I don't post anything inflammatory or objectionable.  I do feel, though, that I should be able to post my feelings.  She objected to the term that I used to describe a person that was in charge several years ago.  I referred to the person as a "holy terror".  Personally, I thought I was being quite polite, considering that my feelings for said person are much, much less um, nice.

Anyway.  I do like the person that spoke to me and, although it annoys me that I took the post down I guess that it is better to do that than to create, or perpetuate, more drama.

Tomorrow is Friday and I am very happy.  We have Monday off and I plan on doing nothing but relaxing with my girlie and several nice hot cups of coffee.


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    Totally working on a way to get there!!!!
    I say do your happy dance where ever you want!!!
    Have a WONDERFULLLL weekend!