Wednesday, February 29, 2012

To catch you up...

I am still freakishly in love with my shoes.  Remember these:
OMG!  The last three days I have little to NO heel pain when I come home from work.  A-mazing!

Vomit boy came back today.  He, along with two others, were absent yesterday.  He was much better today. 

Alas, the other two are still out.

My stomach seems to be immune to the plague infecting my classroom.  Thank you, Lord!

Remember this?

This was in the recent box of goodies that my postman brought to me.  I must say, I do have a very nice postman for he truly did come to the door, knock, and hand me the box with a hearty, "Have a wonderful day!"  This makes me sad for the USPS and their diminishing business.


I bought this whole book for ONE little pattern.  May I present to you.......

I will admit, I am apparently WAY behind the times with this one as it was pretty popular several years ago.  Two things make me hesitate starting on this blanket:

  1. The yarn that is called for in the pattern is OMG freaking expensive.  Like, seriously, it would cost me close to, if not over TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS to make this blanket.  I don't want to use cheap old acrylic, either, because I want this to be something really special.
  2. My hatred for all things granny-square connecting.  Look at this picture again:

Do you SEE how many squares there are to connect?  And that isn't even the WHOLE picture!


But it is sooooooooooooooooo beautiful, isn't it?  It is calling my name, luring me in with it awesome gorgeousness!

This book I got because, well, I am supposed to be trying to lose weight.  I have another of these books and I do like it so I am hoping this one will be an added bonus to my arsenal of weight blasting weapons.
We shall see if it works.....


1 comment:

  1. Sooo happy about your foot!!! :o)
    Glad that you are kicking the pukie bug! My girl didn't, out for day #2!
    lovelovelove the blanket!
    Good luck with the weight loss! I have gained 3.8 pounds!!! UGH!!!!!