Wednesday, March 21, 2012

O & E

Just a bit of odds and ends so my BFF won't complain that I am not blogging...

--Monday and Tuesday I came home from work, did a wee bit of school work, and then listened to a book on CD that I got from the library on Saturday while working on a baby blanket.  It was refreshingly nice to not have the TV or the computer on but to just listen to a book and work on a project.

--I finished the book last here I am.

--I will probably end up at the library tomorrow.

--miss raven and I are loving this weather.  It has been so nice outside lately and I wish this kind of weather could last FOREVER.

--On Sunday there was a coupon in the paper from Dunkin Donuts.  Said coupon entitles the bearer to a FREE medium iced coffee EVERY Monday until April 23.  Cha-ching!  Three guesses as to where you can find me every Monday until April 23.

--Bravo, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.  Your decision took guts and was the absolute right thing to do.  Kudos to you.  Maybe now more teams will think twice before playing dirty football.

--Um.  Denver Broncos.  DUH AND WHAT THEY HECK ARE YOU THINKING?!?!  Why on God's lovely green Earth would you get rid of Tim Tebow?  Sweet Mother, I hope this comes back to bite you in the butt...HARD.

--Attention Jerry Jones--GO AFTER TIM TEBOW.  WE NEED A BACK-UP QB!

--I am currently mildly amused at all of the Saints fans on FB that are so outraged with the punishment handed down to their team.  Um.  Hello.  Here is a brief summary of what your team did:

  • placed "bounties" on the heads of opposing players and then paid out for excessive hits and knock-outs.
  • continued to practice the bounties/pay-outs after being told by the League to stop, effectively thumbing their noses at the League.
  • LIED to investigating officials about what you did/did not do.
Yes.  I can see why you would be so upset that your team was punished.  NOT.

--My foot is hurting again.  In a bad way.  Like, by the time I get home my leg hurts all the way up to my hip. I have been researching PT for plantar fasciitis and think that I can do some of these things at home.  What is going to be so sad for me is that I am not going to be able to wear my flip-flops this summer.  Shall we have a moment of silence?

--Thank you.

--The seniors are all whining because I am not their principal and they HATE the new guy.  Wanna know what I think?  I think that if they all hate him, he is doing a FREAKING FANTASTIC JOB!  One of the kids said to me the other day how much they all missed me and how much they wished they hadn't complained about me when they had me.  Another one told me today that they were all sitting around in class talking about how wonderful I was and how much they wished I had held out another year for them.  Wanna know what I think about that?  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I sleep at night, I have zero to no stress anymore, and I sleep at night.  I LOVE MY JOB AGAIN!!!!!

And now I am off to drink coffee and crochet (and to hopefully not eat anything else tonight because I went a little overboard today.  :o/  )

p.s.  BFF--I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Glad you are enjoying this weather. It is a wee bit hot down here in Louisiana for my taste. Speaking of Louisiana, I have to defend the home team here. Yes, they were stupid. Yes, they did not stop when told to do so. And yes, they lied, but I do think the punishment was harsh. It was in response to the current law suits that are pending against the NFL by former players who were hurt playing and do not feel that they were treated fairly in the negotiations during the lock-out last year. The other issue is that even the Patriots who were caught spying on other teams in order to cheat were not punished this harshly. Honestly, I feel for coach Payton. He is going to lose an entire year's salary when be was not involved. He trusted his underlings to stop it and they did not.
    My fear is that the Saints fans are going to protest the Superbowl this year which just happens to be here.

  2. I appreciate that you think the punishment was harsh but again, look at that facts:
    1. Do you think the punishment would have been as harsh if they had stopped when they were told to? Do you think the punishment would have been as harsh if they hadn't lied about it? Would you feel that the punishment was too harsh if someone had gotten seriously injured, possibly ending the rest of their career?
    2. You can't compare one punishment to another. True, the punishment against the Patriots didn't seem fair at the time. Personally, I thought that they should have been punished far worse than they were; however, they weren't PAYING THEIR PLAYERS to knock their opponents out of the game.
    3. Sorry, but I don't feel sympathy for Sean Payton. It is his job to know what is going on with his team. That is in his contract. As the head coach his is supposed to know what is going on in HIS locker room. Roger Goodell didn't take a year's salary away from Sean Payton, Sean Payton took a year's salary away from Sean Payton.

    Like I said, I feel bad for the fans and for the players who really didn't know what was going on. That being said, there is no defense for what they did. It was reprehensible and certainly not what I would want any of my students to aspire to. Whether they like it or not, these men are looked up to by millions of children around the country, even the world. Goodell needed to come down hard to make sure that every coach from Pop Warner on up knows that this kind of thing will NOT be tolerated. Football is a tough, violent sport as it is. It shouldn't also be a dirty one.

    Loving the weather here too!
    Crocheting is always a wonderful thing, if I only could find the time to do it!
    Football...BLABLABLABLABLA...enough on that blecky subject! :oP
    I am soooooo loving it that they finally realize how STINKING AWSOME you were as their principal! And MORE THAN HAPPY that you have L-O-W stress and L-O-V-E your job again!!!!


  4. They lied and I have no respect for that. Had they stopped when they were told to stop, I think that the punishment would have been lighter. I am not a fan, but I am married to a lifelong fan who is very upset. I think this will make it very hard for the team to have a good year.

    I would much rather talk about is your new project coming along?

  5. The Saints got exactly what they deserved. On the Bronco's getting rid of Tebow and acquiring Manning, I think that was pretty bone headed. If Manning gets hurt they will be screwed. I feel bad for Tebow going to the Jets, Rex Ryan is an ass and I don't see Timmy doing too well under him. But it should be an interesting season.