Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Have I mentioned...

  • That I am taking knitting lessons this summer?  I am stupidly excited about it.  Since I signed up for the class on Monday I have perused Ravelry endlessly looking for "easy" knitting patterns and have fondled my purple wool yarn and bamboo knitting needles, dying to use them.  Of course, I don't really know how to knit yet, so pretty much what I am currently doing is useless.  I kind of feel like a kid waiting for Christmas.
  • That I can't stand hypocrisy?  Especially when it hits close to home.
  • That I am sad about the end of the school year?  I love my kiddos so much and really don't want them to leave.  Graduation next Friday night is also going to be hard for me.  I have been through A LOT with those seniors and will bawl like a baby at graduation.  Come to think of it, I will most likely bawl like a baby all day next Friday. I should join Costco now just so I can buy an industrial size box of tissues.
  • That I have a cold?  I hate being sick.  I have this annoying cough that is not at all productive.  It is only annoying and dry and hacking and rather painful at the moment.  My left nostril is also clogged.  TMI?  Oh, sorry.  :o/
  • That I want to learn how to spin?  Spinning wheels are crazy expensive, though, so I settled for a drop spindle.  That I can't figure out how to use.  Luckily for me, there is a class about how to use a drop spindle at my LYS.  Once I have mastered the art of knitting (lol!  I couldn't even type that with a straight face), I would like to take that class.  There are several knitting classes that must come before that, however.
  • That Survivor annoys me?  I am addicted to it, though, and can't see myself giving it up any time soon.
  • That I miss my BFF?!?!?
And now, because of the above stated cough/cold, miss raven and I are headed to bed.

Nighty night all!

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  1. *Great on the knitting!!! I can see my socks coming soon! :o) I know that you will love it! I hope that you really enjoy it!!!

    *End of the year is exciting and sad...but SUMMER VACA comes next!!! WHOOHOOOO!!!!!

    *Get feeling better soon!!!!

    *I thought spinning (at first) you were talking about the class that my brother teaches at his fitness club! lol! I have seen that on looks cool and neat and complicated! GOOD LUCK! :o)

    IMISSYOUTOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! But will see you soon! :o)