Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's raining, it's pouring...

oh, wait.  No it isn't.

Sweet mother am I tired!

It was *supposed* to rain ALL DAY TODAY.  It *was* raining at 7:00 this morning.  We made the call to move the picnic from the park to the school about seven-ish this morning.

And then the sun came out, the humidity was UNbelievable, and nary a rain drop was to be seen the REST OF THE DAY.


I had prepped the kids yesterday for the fact that we would probably be at the school today for our end-of-the-year picnic and I worked hard to get them to see that it wasn't the end of the world.  I had them finally convinced and they came in this morning with relatively good attitudes.  I was so proud of them.  :)  Even when the sun came out and they realized that we probably could have gone to the park they still didn't complain.

We played games in the gym all morning and then ate.  And ate.  And ate.

As an aside...I will be starting Weight Watchers again this coming Monday.  I am serious and will be blogging about it.  I have goals set and am getting everything in order for the big day.

After lunch we went back to the classrooms.  We designated one room as the movie room and the other two rooms as the "gaming" rooms.  Fortunately, my room was the QUIET gaming room.  This pleased me greatly as I was working on getting rid of a headache.  Towards the end of the day we handed out the awards to the winners of the contests and then went back to our homerooms to await the blessed arrival of the blessed end of the blessed day.  Can you tell I was more than quite ready to go home??

So.  I am TIRED tonight.

I just finished an extremely satisfying glass of homemade iced coffee.  The recipe I used is a total keeper (from the Pioneer Woman) and I will be using it ALL summer.  I am currently deciding if I can eat a Popsicle  and count it for dinner.

One more thing before I go.  Last week was Teacher Appreciation week.  I did get a few lovely gifts that I neglected to share:  gift cards to Target, Old Navy, Dunkin Donuts, Barnes and Noble, and Olive Garden, a lovely bouquet of flowers, and a very unique set of colored pencils.  I also received some wonderfully sentimental handmade cards from a couple of my kids.  I will cherish those forever.

I wish I could show you pictures of my class so you can see the little urchins that stole my heart this year.  I have a thing about posting their pictures on my blog, though, so you are just going to have to believe me when I tell you that this is, by far, one of the best classes I have ever had.  I am going to cry a river this Friday when I have to let them go and have already informed my principal that I am MORE than willing to teach them again in fifth grade.  :)

Have a great night!


  1. Don't you just love the end of the year? Good for you for starting WW's again. I so need to go back, but the money just is not there.

  2. Don't you just love the end of the year? Good for you for starting WW's again. I so need to go back, but the money just is not there.

  3. SOOOO HAPPY that despite the weather you had a wonderful day! I bet you were tired! Remember to bring you HUGE box of tissues to school on Friday! :o)

    Must try the coffee recipe! I am going to try, in my spare time, HA! What is spare time????, to make some type of coffee popsicle! Mybe in July sometime! ;o)

    Can't wait to see you soon!!!