Monday, May 21, 2012


And so begins my SUMMER VACATION!

Well.  Technically speaking, I haven't actually started SV yet.  Almost, though.

I had to go in today and finished cleaning up my classroom.  Tomorrow I have to go in to finish getting my report cards ready to mail out.  Thursday I have to go in after 12:00 so that I can mail in the last AP test of the year.  (I am still the AP Coordinator.  Don't ask how that happened.)

I did get to leave at 2:30 today so that was nice.  I am hoping that I get to leave even earlier tomorrow.


I did something on Facebook today that I rarely do.  I entered in to a semi-controversial conversation.  Someone started a conversation about giving teachers presents at the end of the year (or at any time during the year).  Most of the people responded positively and gave ideas for gifts but there were a few seemingly self-righteous responses that really yanked my chain.  Basically, they were saying that teachers don't deserve to get anything.

Now mind you, I never EXPECT anything and am ALWAYS thankful for whatever I receive.  I never, ever make a child feel inferior for not bringing in something and all of my students always receive a gift from me, no matter what.  For the little bit of money that I make and for everything that I do, you are darned right that I appreciate when a parent chooses to acknowledge my hard work with a token of their appreciation.  I am even thankful for the coffee mugs, though, I must confess, I have about a BILLION of them.  :)

miss raven and I are excited about SV.  Not that we have a ton of things planned, but it will be nice to not have to WORK this summer!

To celebrate this momentous occasion we are currently drinking homemade iced coffee and playing games on the computer.  And by "we" I mean "me".  She is asleep next to me.





    Way to step out of that box girl! Make me proud!!! :o) And by the way...teachers DO deserve to receive especially! YOU R-O-C-K AS A TEACHER...AND BFF!!! :O)

  2. Well, good for you and the start of what I hope will be an awesome summer for you! You deserve it! I have to say, I cannot imagine anyone begrudging giving teachers thank you gifts? I only wish that I could have done more financially for the teachers that my son had over the years. I am more grateful for the education he received from these dedicated people than I could ever convey. It is a very special gift to be a teacher. It is a job that most people could not do, and I speak for myself when I say that! God Bless all Teachers! What would we do without them?