Friday, June 1, 2012

It's just hair...

So for quite some time now I have worn my hair one way.

Long and boring.

Not that people with long hair are boring.

I am fairly inept when it comes to doing my hair in any sort of "style".  Of late, my "style" has been to wing my hair up into what my students liked to call my "flippy" ponytail.  It was quick and it got the long hair out of my way.

The kiddos always liked it when I would come to school with my hair down and they would give me a hard time when, inevitably, it would irritate the nonsense out of me and I guessed it, wing it up out of the way.

I decided, over the weekend, that it was time to have something done with the mop on my head.  I summoned my courage and made an appointment at a salon for this morning.  I did a little research online and everything seemed positive about the place that I wanted to go to.  When I got there I was impressed.  The staff was courteous and I was offered water, tea, or coffee.  I had to wait about ten minutes because the stylist that they assigned me to was finishing up another client.

When the stylist came to get me I was impressed by how professional she was.  She was pretty young so I wasn't sure what to expect but she obviously knew what she was doing.  The package that I purchased included a shampoo as well as a deep conditioning treatment.  Paige (my stylist) did a thorough job shampooing my hair and even put a warm washcloth under my neck so the cold sink would be more comfortable.  She told me everything she was going to do before she did it and told me what kind of product she was putting on my hair.

I had basically given her free reign to do whatever she wanted with  my hair.  I figured that, since it is just hair, I could always grow it out if I didn't like it.  She discussed some options with  me and then had me look through a magazine while I was sitting under the dryer with the conditioner on my hair.  I found something that I liked and she gave me an honest opinion about it.  Fortunately, it was something that would look good on me AND that I could maintain on my own.

I was in the salon for about two hours and let me tell you, it was WORTH IT.  I LOVE my hair.  I normally don't love my hair.  I normally kind of just tolerate my hair.  Right now, though, I love it.  It is soft, stylish, and easy to maintain.  It is also COMPLETELY different.

Wanna see?


disclaimer:  i have no make-up on.  please do not be frightened.

and there you go.

It's just hair...but I love it!



  1. O-M-G!!!!!! L-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-V-E IT!!!!!!!
    I want to see the back! :o)
    You are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!

    1. and you are my BFF so you are kind of obligated to say that. ;op

  2. Looks good! I like it!

  3. Very nice! I think it frames your face nicely? Curious to know what the back looks like, but I guess I don't have long to wait to find that out ;)