Saturday, June 30, 2012

Off the grid...

Sorry I've been MIA for the past week.  Time got away from me and I didn't think about blogging much.  Well, that, and I have nothing much to say.

We had an incredibly violent storm last night.  So much so that I was actually pretty scared and storms don't normally scare me much.  miss raven and I spent the night in total darkness, huddled in my bed, listening to the wind scream and howl, and shaking.  I was praying that my roof and windows would hold.  In some ways it was worse that what we went through with Hurricane Irene last summer.

Most of the day today we were ok.  We lost power around 10:30 last night but were able to make it through most of the day inside.  My cell phone was pretty much dead and I had no coffee so around 4:00 this afternoon I put miss raven in the truck with me, plugged in the cell phone, cranked up the AC, and took a drive.  We ended up going to a Petsmart where they were EXTREMELY nice to us, encouraging us to take our time and take advantage of the AC.  We spent about half an hour there and then headed to the Dunkin Donuts near me.  I was so, so disappointed when I saw that they were closed.  I decided to try Starbucks and they were closed, too.  Honestly, I think I cried then.

We headed home and I was pretty surprised at the amount of damage.  There were trees and branches down everywhere.  While I was in the truck I called the power company and the recorded message said that they didn't expect power to be restored until sometime after the FOURTH OF JULY.  I did cry then.

The power came on about half an hour ago but it is starting to flicker again so I am going to cut this short.  Have a great week, wherever you are, and I will try to be back again soon.


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  1. Oh honey, that happened here a few years ago. We had no power for a few days. The modern world is so tied to electricity, there is no way to make food or, more importantly, coffee. We had no water either when it happened here. Nothing like stinky, grumpy, hungry, caffeine withdrawel to ruin your summer. Good luck to you and I hope everything is restored soon.
    P.S. Find a mall somewhere, they are so nice and cool. And there is usually coffee somewhere in the food court. Good luck.