Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Catch up...

Hola!  It's me again!

Let's catch up, shall we?

  • I've decided not to care if I don't blog a lot.  It's summer, I'm on vacation.  I'll blog if I want.  And I won't feel (too) guilty.  :)
  • Sunday was my girl's birthday. She is THIRTEEN.  It's hard to believe that, especially when she romps through the yard barking her fool little head off at the helicopters.  She received a new squeaky toy and some treats for her special day.  The toy hasn't received much attention but boy, did she love those treats.  :)
  • My BFF's little girl's birthday was also on Sunday and she is also THIRTEEN!  That one is even hard to believe.  I remember when she was born and it just doesn't seem like thirteen years have gone by.  She is one awesome kid and I am blessed to be a part of her life.  :)
  • I took my lace knitting class last night.  While I was there I was extremely frustrated.  The teacher was good, it wasn't her fault, but the yarn they recommended was difficult to work with (although it has gotten better) and we were supposed to work on the project using the chart only.  I know that it is good to know how to read the chart but I really, really need to be able to see the written directions so I can get my mind wrapped around what I am supposed to be doing.  I made a mistake at the beginning (in the lace row) and she told me to just knit two together in the next row to get rid of the extra stitch, which I did, but by that time I was getting frustrated and discouraged.  Everyone else in the class seemed to be getting it and was sailing through the project, completing repeat after repeat, and I was still on row six.  The class was only two hours long which means NO ONE was going to get it finished; however, to finish the project we are supposed to kitchner the thing together.  She told us she wasn't going to demo the kitchner because we weren't going to get to it anyway and then gave us the name of a You Tube video to watch.  She did show us how to do a three needle bind-off, though, and said that would work just as well.  I came home and was still discouraged but decided to try it one more time before going to bed.  After I read the written directions, I figured out what I did wrong and then sailed through the next several rows.  Like I said, I know charts are good, and I know I need to know how to read them, but I really need to see the directions written out.  At least right now.
  • My vegetable plants are annoying me this year.  Both my cucumber plants are dead.  I've gotten one tomato and have another red one waiting for me.  There are several green ones but no new blossoms. The pepper plants have lots of blossoms but no peppers.  I'm about to give up.
  • The Olympics are only ten days away and football is only fifty days away!  Whoo-hoo!
Well, that about does it for now.  Consider yourself all caught up.



  1. It's my opinion that your teacher did your class a disservice by not letting you all decided which method would work for you. I knit lace better with a chart, but that's me. Some are more comfortable with written instructions, and that's perfectly OK, too.

    If I were conducting a class, I would have the individuals try out both methods. After that, it would be up to them to do what they wanted.

  2. 13 WOW tell me about it!!!!
    Good luck with that knitting...looks way to hard for me...I'll stick with crochet! :o)
    I think gardens are nasty everywhere! Bummer! :o/