Monday, July 9, 2012

It's raining, it's pouring...

miss raven is snoring...

no, seriously.  she is snoring.  and i love the sound.


our heat wave from the last week-plus has finally broken.  yesterday it was so humid and sticky and muggy, i felt kind of like i was back in florida.  i tried not to go outside unless i absolutely had to.  it was literally hard to breathe.

storms came through early this morning.  i was woken up around three by thunder, lightening, and a terrified chihuahua.  she was frantic to get as close to me as possible.  the storm lasted for a while and my power flicked off once.  i prayed and prayed that it would stay on and thankfully, it did.

right now i am looking out my living room windows and watching the rain fall.  i'm sure my plants are happy, i'm sure my grass is happy, and i know i am happy.  i'm certain that miss raven is happy also because i am quite sure that she is getting tired of me plopping her down in the bathtub to wet her down with cool water to cool her off.

last week miss raven and i went on a little trip.  as a football lover i have ALWAYS wanted to visit the hall of fame so i thought to myself, "why not?"  i packed up the truck and miss raven and hit the road.  the HOF was great and my favorite part, of course, was seeing the bust of Troy Aikman.


the next few days were kind of a whirlwind.  we went to buffalo (new york) to stay in a hotel, then i went over the border into canada (my first time!) to visit niagara falls.  that was pretty awesome!  the next day we drove to corning (also new york) and visited the glass museum there and watched the fireworks that night.  finally, while miss raven was chilling in the room, i went to hike watkins glen (full disclosure:  i took the shuttle to the top and "hiked" to the bottom), and took a boat ride on seneca lake.

friday we drove home.  it was a long drive and a long day but it was worth it.  we had a great time and it was nice to get away and see some things that i have never seen before.  miss raven was, as always, a wonderful travel companion.  :)

my knitting is going as well as can be expected, i suppose.  yesterday i spent the afternoon listening to a book on cd and teaching myself how to cable.  it wasn't as hard as i thought it would be but that dang cable needle is going to be the death of me as it keeps slipping out of my work and messing me up.  i am thinking about making a little trip to michael's today to see if i can pick up a different style of one.  later on this week i am going to visit my LYS to sign up for a beginning lace knitting class.  i am excited about that.  :)

i think it is about time for another cup of coffee so i will bid you adieu for now.  have a wonderful monday!!


  1. SOOOOO glad that you had a great time!!! LOVED the pic on FB! :o)
    We finally got some rain here...first time in almost a month! It actually cooled down to the low 90s!

  2. Way to go on the knitting!

    A cable needle that has some sort of curve to it might be a better fit for you. The cable needles I have are wooden and seem to grip yarn better than metal one.