Tuesday, August 28, 2012


there is no way my brain is coming up with a witty post title tonight.

I'm so tired! I've been up since three with a sick little puppy.  I'm not quite sure what the problem was, but we had two puky episodes between three and five.  I gave up trying to go back to sleep after the five o'clock  episode so I came out into the living room and knit for a while.  The little one followed me out, walked over to her food bowl, and chowed down.  I wanted to cry just a little.  She seems to be fine now and I am hoping for a restful night.

I HAD to mow my lawn when I came home .  It was just THAT bad.  It took me a while and I'm not even finished with the weed-whacking part.  I have an electric weed-eater and it ran out of juice halfway through the whacking.  I'm gonna have to come home tomorrow night and finish up.

Fortunately for me, the kiddos were good today.  We had a fun day and they don't hate school...so far.  They did have homework tonight, but just a little.  I am trying to ease them back in gently.  They think that is pretty cool of me.

I was able to get my hands on a couple of CD ROM things that I needed for school.  I just spent the last three quarters of an hour printing out stuff that I need for the rest of the week.  I was supposed to take an apple to school today for a demonstration but I forgot.  Most likely because I was too busy remembering to take my coffee.  Coffee was more necessary for survival today than the apple demo.  In my opinion anyway.

Short one again tonight.  And no pictures.  I'm a blogger fail.  :(


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  1. UGH!!! Sick puppies are never a good thing! Glad that she is feeling better!
    You totally rock as a teacher with or with out an apple...but yes coffee is KEY!
    Have fun weedwacking tonight!