Monday, August 20, 2012


O Holy Night...I am so tired!

Today was my first day back at work since the end of May.  While I had a wonderful summer and while I was ready to start this school year, I have to tell you...I am SO tired!

We had meetings this morning (of course) but they weren't awful.  My principal really is a good guy and he tries to make meetings as profitable and "entertaining" as possible.

The afternoon was dedicated to working in our classrooms.  And when I say working, I mean WORKING! I moved all my furniture from one corner of the room back to where it belongs.  In doing so I pulled a muscle in my chest.  I have to be careful how I lay down because, sheesh, the pain is intense!  Fortunately, I have some staff kids (who will also be my students) coming in to help me tomorrow so I won't have to move anything heavy.  I am anticipating soreness beyond my wildest imaginations tomorrow!  :o/

Good news!  I am getting all my kids back this year!  All the kids from my class last year that are returning this year requested to be in my class (plus two from the other class).  Whoo-hoo!  According to the registrar, once word got out that I was moving up to 5th grade the phones "lit up" with parents who wanted their kid in my class.  That was a nice ego-booster.  :)

And now, I am going to retire for the evening.  Did I mention that I was tired?


p.s.  I never thought these words would come out of me but, Go Pats, clip those eagles' wings.  Because really, anybody but the eagles (or the redskins)!  Oh...and that's not passive-aggressive.  That's just out-right blunt.  ;o)


  1. OH BFF!!!!!! I didn't know that you hurt yourself!!!! Really hope that you are ok!!! take it easy today!!!!
    And of course everyone wants to be in the BEST teacher's class!!!!! :o)
    umm...are you talking about football????? Does not compute! ;oP

  2. I'm not surprised those kids and their parents wanted to be in ur class cuz ur the best!! :) Yesssss, go Pats!!! ;P Have a great first week! Hope we can get together soon.