Monday, October 29, 2012

It will get worse before it gets better...

I figured I should blog again while I still had the chance.  There is no telling when the power will finally go out and, if you believe what the news is saying, it could be upwards of two weeks before it will come back on.

The rain started last night around eight or so.  I took miss raven out around 8:30 and she was less than thrilled.  We snuggled up all night, listening to the rain and praying the power would stay on.

The thing is...the worst is yet to come.  It is supposed to get REALLY bad tonight (WHY must storms intensify at night?  This ALWAYS happens!) and I am certain that I will lose power at some point.  The winds are supposed to pick up and gust up to 75 miles an hour.

I go back and forth between being in denial and being scared out of my mind.  The media is really hyping this storm up and I wonder how much of it is sensationalism, just to get the ratings.  I do think this is a powerful storm, a bully storm, and it shouldn't be trivialized.  I just think that sometimes, the weather people are secretly giddy when things like this happen and they make it out to be more than it is.

I definitely think the power companies do this.  They tell you it will be a LONG time before power is restored so that, when it comes back on way sooner than they said, you will think they are fabulous and not complain about rate hikes.

Currently miss raven and I are snuggled under our electric blankets.  Yes, she has one of her own.  I got tired of trying to "share".  Don't judge.  I am on my second cup of coffee, trying to be very thankful for it as I am not sure when my next cup of hot coffee will be.  If you are the praying type, please pray for us, that we will be safe, that my house won't be damaged, and that our power won't go out.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I soooo agree with te weather people being giddy about big storms! Just watch them and you can see it!
    SOOOOO glad that your power did not go out last night!
    Hopefully it will stay on in teh days to come!
    Take care BFF!