Saturday, October 27, 2012

To blog or not to blog...

Well, hello there.

I'm not dead.

Nothing's wrong.

miss raven and I are still ok.

Just really haven't felt like blogging much and, to be honest, I was questioning why I blog in the first place.

For the last several weeks I haven't been too sure that I was going to keep blogging.  I read other blogs and other people seem to have a much more interesting life than I do.  I don't get many comments, I've been blogging for two(ish) years now and only have 20 followers (really, I think I only have like, 17).  I guess I kind of was feeling like I was wasting my time blogging.

I don't say anything earth-shattering.  I try not to be too controversial.  It's mostly like a conversation with my BFF...things I could, and sometimes do, say to her through text messages.

I know, I know.  I'm whining.

I'm just not sure.  I like to put my thoughts down, but I really do censor them so much that it ends up not being my complete thoughts.

Things really are going well.


Except for this:
Enhanced Satellite


Stupid #*$%(#.  Bad as your relative Irene.

They are already telling us to be prepared to lose power.

We all know what that means.

No power = No coffee = CRANKY Melicity

How's that for an evil math problem?

My knitting is going ok.  I wanted to have my finished sweater to show you but I can't get past the sleeves.  I've tried DPNs and I've tried magic loop but I can't get those suckers to look right.  I was so frustrated with it this afternoon that I just put it away rather than throw it across the room.  Depending on what happens tomorrow I may try to pick it up again and at least do the edge ribbing.

I'll try to be back soon.  I really do love my little blog and I'm not quite sure that I want to give it up just yet....

If you are in the path of the Frankenstorm, please be safe!


  1. I love the sweater so far, I'm sorry your having such trouble with the sleeves. Have you been able to ask your instructor for help? I hope you keep blogging, I check in often to see if you've updated, although I don't always comment, I do keep up with what you write about and would miss it if you stop. Maybe you should try expressing yourself more honestly in your blog? After all its your thoughts and your entitled to them. You might be surprised how many of your readers might be thinking the same things! Hope to see you again soon. I am praying that we (PG and Charles Counties) don't lose power with this storm. But you know if you do the doors always open ;)

  2. HOT DANG!!!! I GOT A BLOG!!!!
    Your blog is one of the highlights of my day BFF! I BRIGHT spot in this crazy world of criminal defense law that I work in.
    Hope that your sweater works out. You are a bigger person than Iam, I would have thrown it by now. ;oP
    BE SAFE in this NASTYNASTYNASTY storm!!!!!