Wednesday, October 31, 2012

no tricks....

just treats.

yes.  i give out candy for halloween.  i just don't see anything wrong with it.

so far it's been a pretty decent evening.  i've had iron man, robin, 2 dorothys, several princesses, a skeleton, a couple of vampires, 2 football players, a cheerleader, a horse, a zombie, a monster, scooby doo, captain america, a bunny, the most adorable butterfly ever, a doctor, a bumblebee, a ladybug, a teenage mutant ninja  turtle, a cute purple monster, and some other unidentifiable "guests" at my door.  i've also had some older kids who didn't even bother to dress up.  in my world, if you make an effort, you get two pieces of candy.  if you don't even try, you only get one.  i'm stingy like that.

i carved pumpkins again this year and they turned out really well.  i took pictures but am too lazy to get the camera and upload them.  you'll have to wait.

miss raven does NOT like halloween.  it is just too stressful for the girl.  every time someone knocks at the door she freaks out.  i thought about putting her in the bedroom but i didn't want her to think she was in trouble.  she is trying to relax on MY heated blanket right now.  spoiled little diva.

it was good to get back to school today.  i missed my babies and we had fun today.  they are getting excited because they know the holidays are coming up.  they get next friday off for parent-teacher conferences, the following monday off for Veteran's Day, and then it is only 6 school days until thanksgiving.  after that, christmas is only a hop, skip, and a jump away.  vacation is so close they can almost taste it.  truth be told....i feel the same way!  ;)

at the beginning of the year i put a name tag on each desk.  my theme was monsters this year and the desk tags were no exception.  i never told them this but i had decided that whoever kept their name tag on their desk for the whole first quarter would get a special prize.  as of last thursday i had two girls and one boy still in the running.  then i looked up.  the boy was taking his name tag over to the trash.  i almost said something to him but then decided that wouldn't be fair to the other 12 who had throw theirs away before him.  since friday was the end of the quarter and we didn't have school on monday or tuesday, they two girls got their prize today.  they got to spend ALL day long in the comfy chairs.  OMG.  you should have see the looks on the faces of the other kids!  twelve of them were SUPREMELY jealous and the one that threw the tag away last thursday was so, so disappointed!  let me tell you what.  i found the GOLD MINE of rewards right there.  every kid asked me if i was use that reward again this year.  of course i didn't commit to anything.  have to keep the little boogers guessing.  ;)

have a wonderful thursday.  oh, and....only 54 shopping days left until christmas.


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  1. Happy to hear that you had a good treat night! It is always fun to pass out candy! :o)

    Love the name tag thing! I bet the winners did to!!!

    Oh, and thanks for the shopping days update!!! UGH!!! I had better get busy!!!