Wednesday, November 21, 2012

today is...

  • wednesday (but you knew that, right?)
  • the day before thanksgiving (again, stating the obvious)
  • yarn along at ginny's blog (and....once again i'm not participating)
  • my first day of freedom  (school's out for the holiday!!!)
on another happy note...four of my students have now joined ravelry!  i am so happy that they have taken to crafting.  it makes my heart happy that they are expanding their crocheting abilities.  :)

and yet another happy note...yesterday after school i received disappointing news.  wait--i promise, this is a happy story.  i left the meeting kind of sad and a little confused as to why i got the answer i did but i had determined that, no matter what, i would be respectful and accept whatever decision i was given.  it was hard, but i think i did a pretty good job.  anyway (and here comes the good part), as i was headed back to my classroom to get my things to leave for three days of FREEDOM, the vice-president of the PTA stopped me to tell me about a conversation that had taken place earlier in the day.  i have known him for a long time and had worked with his kids when i was the principal.  i like him a lot and have a great amount of respect for him.  anyway...he was acting pretty serious and i was kind of freaking out a little because i thought it was something bad.  he proceeded to tell me that the people that were having the conversation (including my principal) were talking about my class.  they were talking about how well-behaved my class is and how we have the best attendance record in the whole school.  apparently my principal went on to say that, at any given time of the day, you can walk past my classroom and see my kids in little groups, on the floor, at their desks, wherever, doing all different kinds of things.  crocheting, reading, working a puzzle, but most importantly, LEARNING.  he basically told everyone in the conversation that i was an awesome teacher.  i would be totally lying if i said that didn't make me feel good.  :)

now i am going to take all my happiness and drink some more coffee and snuggle my dog.

have a wonderful wednesday!


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  1. Have I ever told you that I LOVE reading your blog?????? Well if not...I DO!!!! :o)
    That is really neat that your students like crafting so well.
    And how many times do I have to tell you that you are A-W-S-O-M-E!!!!!! and an A-W-S-O-M-E-T-E-A-C-H-E-R!!!!!!
    Have a GREAT vaca!!!!