Monday, November 19, 2012

no capitals for you...

calm down, bff.  yes, i am posting again.

less than a week since my last one.

it's the least i can do for you.

since you put up with me and all.


i am having quite the paradoxical moment.

i am yearning desperately for thanksgiving break, which now starts in less than 24 sweet, blessed hours.

i am, on the other had, decidedly NOT looking forward to thanksgiving break as miss raven and i will be alone.

i am pitiful, i know.

here are our plans for the *big* day:

  • watch the parade
  • drink coffee
  • knit
  • eat the traditional meal of scrapple, rye bread, and french fries.
wait, what?  you don't eat the traditional meal?  pfft.  you're totally losing out.

i do plan on doing a wee bit of black friday shopping.  my LYS is having a wonderful sale and i have no intention of missing it.  i have gifts to make for christmas, people.

after  the holiday it is just four (hopefully) short weeks until christmas break.  i NEED a break.  i love my kiddos dearly, but i NEED a break.  they are so amped up for this break that it is almost torture to do any school work.  alas, they have a math test tomorrow.  i am not completely heartless, though.  no homework for the babies over the break.  i figure they NEED a break, too.  :)

now i must go.  i must knit.  and knit.  and knit.  christmas is coming and i must be ready!




  1. Enjoy your days off. We aren't eating traditional food either. My daughter and I are always by ourselves on Thanksgiving. My husband works evenings and works Thanksgiving so he can have Christmas off. Some day I will try scrapple. I have seen it on the Food Network. Do you make it yourself? Take care. XOXO

  2. WHOOHOOO another blog!!! Happy BFF!

    I am excited too about Turkey day but SOOOOOOO miss you and the time that we used to spend together over Thanksgiving break! And I miss the black Friday BFF shopping!!! changes and goes on..though I really wish we could spend some time together!

    Christmas break will be here before we all know it! Have fun!!!

  3. Having tried Scrapple for the first time while I was away for my Rhinebeck/SnB Girls' Weekend, I can see why you chose to consume it.

    Your Thanksgiving plans sound wonderful to me.

    While I will be lucky enough to spend time with my family, I'm going to be a little sad this Thanksgiving. This is the last holiday I need to get through without my dad being here.