Thursday, January 17, 2013


It is winter and, although I completely despise the season I do somewhat feel that I am entitled to a snow day here or there to make up for having to go through it.

I am feeling rather cheated because there has been no snow.  Don't get me wrong...I have enjoyed the slightly warmer temperatures that we have had this season but is about time for a snow day.

We thought we were going to get some snow today, and, bless their little hearts, my kiddos were trying desperately to convince themselves that they would have tomorrow off.  Alas, it doesn't seem to be working out for them.

The other negative thing about the warmer temperatures is that it hasn't been cold enough to kill off the cooties.  We have has several kids and staff members out sick with ick and the flu.  It was so bad this week that for a couple of days we haven't even had our breaks.  Normally I would roll with it and not be too cranky but we have also had to have the kids in our room for lunch because it is too cold to eat in the gym.  This means I have NO BREAK ALL DAY.  I love my children, I really do, but honestly....I could not wait for 3:30 today.  I was seriously counting down the minutes because they were driving me insane.  Imagine if I didn't love them as much as I do.


I have NOT been cheating on my diet, I am happy to say, although I was SERIOUSLY tempted to today because I was crazy-hungry right before dinner and wanted to devour everything in sight.  I didn't and am proud of myself for not giving in.  I am currently trying to down another bottle of water and not drink coffee. This is a big deal as I have only had one and a half cups today and am craving another cup.  I may have to give in before the night is over.  We'll see.

That's all for today.  Tomorrow is Friday and another hot dog sale.  I am hoping for another good one.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Have a great weekend!!!


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  1. The beloved snow days!!!! How I miss those too! No snow days in the world of criminal defense law..bummer; however, I did leave early on Tuesday as we had a minor ice storm visit here in the bluff city. Note---Southerners CANNOT drive in ANYTHING winter related---

    Way to go on not cheating!!! Sooo proud! :o)

    Hope that hte hot dog sale goes well!!!