Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Creative Christmas present...

So.  What's a teacher to do about Christmas presents for her class when she has the same class two years in a row?

Last year, if you remember, I made each of my 18 students a scarf.  The boys got team colors and the girls got bright, cheery colors.

Obviously I couldn't do the same thing again this year.

I thought and thought and thought and thought.  I was starting to get a wee bit panicky about it.  Then the idea came to me and, oh, what an idea it was!

I had a class picture taken, bought each kid a white t-shirt, and transferred the picture onto the shirt.  Now, don't worry.  Between fantastic after Thanksgiving sales, a teacher discount, and a gift card, I spent a grand total of about fourteen dollars out-of-pocket.

It wasn't without stress, of course.  I was still transferring pictures onto shirts and ironing up until the Thursday before the break.  The first picture I had taken was AMAZING.  I loved it and still do.  The problem was that the kids were a little too far apart and when I went to print out the transfer I realized that two kids were being cut off.  (Don't ask how many transfers I went through before I figured it out.)  I had to take a second picture and, while it was ok, it wasn't my favorite.

The best part, though, was their reaction.  I was anxious because I wasn't sure if they would like it but when they opened their bags the next day....well, priceless would be the word I would use to describe how they reacted.  It made me so happy that they were so excited by it.

Next year I will have a different class, sadly, and will more than likely go back to the scarves.  Just in case I do move up with next year's class, though, I will have a standby for a second year present.  :)

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