Thursday, January 24, 2013

My day...


(I'm assuming I don't need to express my joy in any other different way.)

We didn't a huge amount of snow...maybe only an inch and a half, but it was enough!  I had a simply wonderful day!  I knit, did laundry, knit, cuddled miss raven, knit, played on the computer, knit, cuddled miss raven, knit,...well, you get the picture.

Oh.  A large amount of coffee may or may not have also been consumed.


We do have school tomorrow and, as far as I know, we will be starting on time.  Happily, though, they are calling for more snow tomorrow afternoon/evening so there is a chance we might get out early.  Right now they have only cancelled after school activities but we'll see.

And now...

back to the knitting.  and coffee.


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  1. Snow days!!! Gotta love them!!!