Sunday, March 17, 2013

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because I can't think of one on my own.

I didn't mean to go for a whole week without blogging but this last week has been so busy!

I had a pretty good birthday day last Sunday.  I went out to breakfast at the same place that my knitting group meets.  It was good and reasonably priced, so I was happy.  After breakfast I headed to DC.  Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE the city??  I do.  :)

I went first to Eastern Market and, while I didn't end up getting anything special for me, I was able to find something for my BFF for her birthday.  It was fun to walk around and just look, though, and the weather was absolutely beautiful.  :)

I next headed to the Botanical Gardens.  I love to go there and look at the orchids.  As usual, they didn't let me down.  They are such beautiful flowers and I love to look at them and take pictures of them.

I walked around a little near the Capitol but I didn't stay too long because I wanted to get to my LYS before they closed.  They are offering another sock class and I wanted to make sure I could get in to that one.  I was successful and I also treated myself to some new yarn--as a birthday present.  ;)  Like I need an excuse to buy more yarn, right??

I found an AMAZING little Italian restaurant to each an early dinner in and I was so happy with my choice.  My food was delicious and the restaurant wasn't crowded so it was perfect.  I was going to go to Starbucks after I was finished with dinner but the line was so long and I didn't want to wait.  There is a new(ish) frozen yogurt place nearby so I decided to try that.  It was ok but I probably wouldn't go back.

I was so thankful for such nice weather over my birthday weekend.  Especially since the last several days have been cold and kind of dreary.  Doesn't the weather know that it should be getting warmer?!?

School was ok this week.  The kids (and I) are very much looking forward to Spring Break but we still have nine days of school to go before we can relax.  It seems so close but still so far away!  We had our final hot dog sale this past Friday and we did very well.  I am so happy that we have been able to pay for our whole field  trip to Medieval Times without having to ask the parents for any money.  I have to be honest, though, when I tell you that I am SO glad I won't have to deal with hot dogs again for a LONG time!!  Our field trip is this Friday and we are EXCITED about it!  The kids can't wait and, truth be told, neither can I! :)

I went to my knitting group yesterday.  I am really enjoying going and that says a lot coming from someone like me, who is more than happy to just stay home and be a hermit.  I like this group, though, and for the most part, the women who attend are really friendly.  :)

Despite going to the Cheesecake Factory, out for breakfast and dinner on my birthday, AND out to dinner the day after my birthday, I managed to lose almost a pound on Saturday.  I'm still not quite to 15 pounds lost but am hoping that, after I weigh in this coming Saturday, I will be past the 15 pound mark.  I'm still taking it one day at a time, though, and trying not to be too hard on myself for gaining all that weight back.  :o/

I hope you have a great end to your weekend and a fabulous week!  I'll be back soon, I promise! :)

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  1. WHOOHOOOO a post!!! :o)

    Sooo wish that I could have gone to the city with you! I MISS you soooo much BFF!!!!!

    Happy to hear that you had a nice time! Can't go wrong with the places that you visited!

    No more dogs!! whoohoo!!!!

    Spring break is coming! Hang in there!!!