Thursday, April 18, 2013


So I haven't really been feeling the blog thing lately.  Not sure why, though.

Stuff has been going on, good and "eh", that I could have blogged about but I just couldn't make myself do it.  I felt guilty about it and all but...

So I am.


The sock class is going well.  I only have one class left and my sock actually looks like a sock.  Score!  It *is* a little tedious though, so I am making a shawl as well.  When I have had enough of the sock I put it down and do a few rows on the shawl.  It helps keep me sane and also keeps me from throwing the sock across the room.

The weather has, I think, finally turned the corner from cold to warm.  This pleases me a great deal for I loathe, yea even despise, the cold.  The patio furniture is out, the tank-top is on, and we have made the switch from shoes to SANDALS!!!!!

I'm not feeling so good about the state of my country.  The tragedy at Sandy Hook affected me, not because I knew anyone there, but because I am a teacher.  I have students that I adore.  I can't imagine losing any one of them.  Now with this awful situation in Boston...I don't understand how a human being can be so full of hate and rage.  There are things I don't like and people I don't agree with but I can't imagine having so much hatred in my heart as to inflict physical harm on someone.  I am so sad about what is happening.

I am also not feeling so good about the end of the year.  It was bad last year and that was with knowing that there was a chance I would have the same kids again.  I KNOW that I am not moving up with them next year and it is about killing me.  I have taught many classes in the last  many year and this class is, by far, the best class I have ever had and also my favorite.  I am going to miss them horribly.

I know this isn't long but I am going to go now.  I will be back again soon so please do go anywhere.


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  1. GREAT to have a blog!!! I miss my BFF soooo much! I sooo wish that I could make the trip to come and spend some time with you, but everything just seems to be working against me going to visit any of my dear family. :o(
    Thank you for blogging it gives me a window into you and what you are doing. (and the texts) so keep it coming!

    I am soo happy that you are learning how to knit a sock! I know how much you LOVE knitted socks! :o) You are one GREAT knitter! I LOVE my things that you have knitted me!!!

    I totally agree/relate to your comments re: the hatred that some people have. I really can't understand how someone can have that much hatred.

    Yep sounds like the end of this year is not going to be a good one. Do remember that with all of the impression that they have left on your heart and live, you have left soooo much more on theirs! You are an AMAZING person and by far the B~E~S~T teacher I have ever met!!!!! (not just saying that because you are the bestest BFF either) I pray that you will have a wonderful time with your kiddos for the remainder of the school year!