Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More about the Race

The Race for the Cure was this past weekend. The race is important for me for a few reasons, the number one reason being that my BFF's mom is a ten year survivor of breast cancer. When the disease touches someone you care about, it touches you, too. It is important for me to support this cause because I want a cure to be found so that no one else ever has to go through what she or her family went through.

I was determined to run the race this year. Usually we walk and that's fine, but I have been on a quest this past year to be more healthy. Hence the decision to run. It is only a 5K, so it really isn't that big a deal--well, to anyone besides me. :) Those who know me know how much of a girly-girl I am. I HATE to sweat. Eewww! I know, though, that I have to get the heart pumping in order to strengthen it and that means sweating. Might I just say EEEEWWWWWW, again?

I started training in January by doing a DVD that really increases cardio strength. When February rolled around I started running. My goal at first was just to run the darn thing in under 45 minutes. Well, 45 minutes became 40 and 40 became 36. I realized that 36 minutes was a 12 minute mile, something that I never thought I would be able to do. My other goal was to run the whole thing. I did not want to start off running and then conk out half-way through and walk the rest of the way. I think this was the thing I was the most concerned about.

Saturday morning was beautiful. It had rained all day on Friday and I was worried that it would carry over to Saturday. Thankfully the rain left and we were blessed with nice, cool weather. Here are some pictures from the ride in on the Metro:
Here I am at the start line:

and here I am at the finish line:

I must confess--the finish line picture was taken about 20 minutes AFTER I finished the race. Although my friends were waiting for me at the finish line, there were also about 50 bazillion other people there (slight exaggeration) so I didn't find my friends until about 20 minutes after I finsihed. I promise--I did not look THAT calm upon finishing the race. My face was the color of a VERY ripe tomato and I was DRIPPING with sweat (eeewwwwww!!!)

So--yea me! I did it! I am hoping to run another 5K in October. I am even starting to consider a half-marathon sometime next spring. We'll see. :)

Oh--and here I am with the COOLEST 9 year old I k
now. :)

This is just a picture of the Capitol and the corner of the Botanical Gardens. I thought it was kind of a cool picture. :)
The end! :)

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