Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Yea me!

I did it! I ran my whole 5K without stopping and in 36 minutes! Can you tell I am super proud of myself?? I have pictures, but haven't uploaded them yet.

I had a great time with my BFF. (By the way, yesterday was National Best Friend's Day. Did you tell your BFF how much they mean to you? Did you??) Having her family in my house is always a crazy th
ing but it is worth it. I love getting to see all of them, even if it is only for a short time.

I also got to see my cousin whom I haven't seen in years. She just finished her first year at Harvard Law School and is working in the city for the summer. We had lunch and spent a long time talking
and catching up. It was nice. :)

Yesterday I had jury duty. I honestly felt like I was trapped in the seventh circle of hell. You laugh but I am serious! I got there
early (I despise being late) and waited, and waited, and waited. Ok--to be fair, I was prepared for the wait. I brought a simple crochet project to work on and a new book to read. The first wait took about two hours. Then , just my luck, I was called to be on a 75 panel jury pool for a murder trial. :( I was juror number (luck) 13. We were ushered out into a hallway (single file--I felt like I was in 1st grade) to wait some more. Then it was in to the courtroom to (you guessed it) wait again. Only this time we weren't allowed to do anything but wait. No reading, no talking, no crochet, no bathroom breaks, no eating/drinking. Nothing but sit there and wait. On the most incredibly hard benches I have ever had the displeasure to rest upon. My back is STILL sore today. I was in that room from 9:45 until 2:45. WITH NO BREAKS. After the seemingly endless (yet I am sure completely necessary) list of questions, it was finally determined that a few selected (lucky) jurors could leave. Yours truly was not among that blessed group. No, I had to line up in front of the judge and attorneys and await my fate. It seemed like just about everyone ahead of me was taken to sit on the jury. Then they got to me. The prosecutor wanted me but to my utter delight and not-so-much surprise, the defense attorney uttered my favorite words of the day: "Please thank and excuse." Whoo-hoo!!!!! I get to leave.....or NOT! I had to sit on those stupid hard benches for another 45 minutes at which time the judge FINALLY told the rest of us we could leave. I think I might have been limping by then. I understand that jury duty is my civic duty and I was actually excited about it when I first got the summons. Yesterday, though, was RIDICULOUS!

This is what I need to cheer me up:

Mommy's sleepy girl!

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