Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sighing with relief

My stress is over....well, at least for now it is. I can breathe for a while and not have to worry about this student, or that teacher, or THAT parent. I can work on things that need to get done and still have time to relax and spend time with her:

or her:

or her:

Which I am planning to do this coming weekend. My best friend's family is invading, errrr, visiting this weekend. I love them....all of them. They are coming to see me and to participate in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. We do this every year because her mom is a 10 year survivor of that horrible disease. I am actually running the 5K this year. I have been training since February and am hoping to make it. I would like to run it in less than 40 minutes, but just being able to RUN the whole thing will be a major accomplishment for me.

After the race they will spend the day, and I do mean the WHOLE day in DC. I'll stay for a while, but I can only visit the dead-animal museum so many times.

Speaking of museums....Last weekend I went to see the new Night at the Museum movie. Totally worth it! I really liked it. It's a good movie, which is sometimes hard to find these days. no gratuitous shedding of blood, no curse words (highly unusual), no sex....just a really good movie. Next on my list...UP.

I LOVE summer! :)

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