Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A trip to the vet, or AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

So, raven went to the vet yesterday. Nothing alarming, just a routine check-up. I love her vet. She is so sweet and very good with my neurotic little diva.

No matter when I take raven to the vet sh
e has a panic attack--raven, not the vet, although I wouldn't blame the vet if she did when she saw us come in. I can take raven in the truck, on the plane, just about anywhere else and she is just fine (except to a certain house in Ohio) but when I take her to the vet, all bets are off. She whines, she barks, she cries, she tries to claw her way inside of my body because she just can't get close enough to me. Obviously she hates going to the doctor as much as I do.

When we got there yesterday, there was a HU
GE dog (personally, it looked like a small horse, just sayin) and three small dogs in the waiting area. I was scanning for a safe place to sit where I could block raven's view of just about everything. My theory is if she can't see it, it doesn't exist. Just as I was about to give up and sit in between the horse-dog and the poodle, the horse-dog and it's owner got up to pay (and what a bill THAT was!). Phew! That left me with a nice safe spot in the corner. By the time I got settled in for the wait (because it doesn't matter what time your appointment is, there is ALWAYS a wait), the horse-dog and one of the small dogs had left. You would think that would calm raven down, but you would be mistaken. She wanted out of her bag so I clipped her leash on. Then she wanted inside me. Yes, you read that correctly. INSIDE me. Because being plastered against my chest just isn't close enough. She barked and she sniffed and she barked and she sniffed. One dog left and two others came in. Finally, it was our turn.

We went into an exam room and the first thing they wanted to do was weigh her. Of course that meant prying her off of me which was no eay task. We got her on the scale and to my surprise she had lost almost a pound. I was a little worried about that until the vet said that she was a good weight. Overall, her check-up wa
s great. Her coat is nice and shiny, her ears are clean, and she only has a little bit of build-up on her teeth. She had to get a pedicure (which she HATES) and she had to have some bloodwork done. All of this cost me a pretty penny but she is so worth it.

Going to the vet wears her out. I think it is all the stress. She napped for the rest of the afternoon but was quite ready for dinner and a lovely cookies afterwards. She was also up for a game of kill-the-squeaky-squirrel:

When it was time for bed she was TIRED. :)

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