Monday, June 15, 2009

A trip to the vet....

Raven has to go to the vet today. Don't worry, nothing is wrong. It is time for her annual wellness-bloodwork for heartworm testing-heartworm pill buying-nail clipping-frontline buying visit.

I hate having to take her to the vet because I feel like I am tricking her. She is so sweet and thinks that she is going somewhere fun with me. Then, I take her into the waiting room and the reality hits. It's never pretty and heaven help us if there is another dog in the waiting room because then, my little chihuahua turns into a pit bull (in her mind anyway).

Above anything else she H-A-T-E-S getting her nails cut. I won't do it because she squirms too much and I am afraid of hurting her. At one point she had a very bad vet experience where every single nail on each of her paws was cut too close and she bled. That was a BAD night. I am terrified of doing that to her so I just let the vet do it. We have a new vet now who takes VERY good care of her. She is very gentle with her and I appreciate that.

This is how she looks before the vet:
I'll let you know how she looks after the vet tomorrow. :)

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