Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Miss me much?

Oh. You know you did! :P

I just got back (yesterday) from the state of Ohio. I would say the great state of Ohio, but....now, now, we ALL know that Texas tops 'em all.

I was in Ohio for the 10th birthday part of the coolest (almost) 10 year old I know. My BFF's little girl is turning 10!! Double digits! So hard to believe! She is a big girl now. She had a way-cool party at a pizza/arcade place. While she was hanging with her friends and playing games, her (way-cool) mom and I were playing Dance, Dance, Revolution. Laugh if you will but that is one awesome game. We really had a great time!

Tomorrow is the actual birthday so I will wait to post most of my pictures until then. For now, though, here are a few--mostly because I know her mommy will want to see them. :)
Hannah's bestest present!
Me and my BFF!

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