Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Who wants to swim with the fishies?

Dad and I drove up to Baltimore this morning to spend the day at the Inner Harbor. The weather was beautiful, albeit a wee bit on the humid side, and there weren't that many people when we first got there. Some people were riding dragons like these: I am a huge chicken when it comes to driving in large cities. In am not ashamed to admit that. To drive into downtown Baltimore on a weekday is a rather daunting task. The traffic wasn't too bad and as soon as I found an avaliable public parking lot I swung right in. Fortunately, the lot happened to be right across the street from the harbor (whoo-hoo!) We walked over to the Baltimore Aquarium and only had to wait about 20 minutes before being allowed in. While we waited I took a picture of the lesser know, but just as important, Baltimore sparrow: I haven't been there in a long time and was pleasantly surprised at all the changes that had been made. We went through the sharks and rays exhibit first. The name is a little misleading because there is WAY more than sharks and rays in the exhibit:
After that, we stopped for a quick lunch and then it was on to the dolphin show: When the dolphin show was finished,we went through the jellyfish exhibt:
When we were finished with the jellyfish, we walked through the hallway to the main part of the aquarium. Isn't this a lovely bridge? ;) After the aquarium, we walked back through the shops at the Inner Harbor then decided to go to dinner. I had gotten a couple of recommendations for McCormick and Schmicks. Although a little pricy, it was well worth it. We split an order of peel and eat shrimp cooked with Old Bay and onions. I had the crab cakes (I'm so boring!) and my dad had the boiled seafood platter. That would have been great if only it didn't have salmon, scallops, and oysters on it. Blech!

After dinner we went to Rita's for dessert. I seriously think that my dad is going to have Rita's withdrawls when he goes back home. It's my fault, I take the blame. I have made my father a Rita's junkie. :)

It was a good day. We missed the rain, the traffic wasn't all that bad, and I even got to finish the audio book I was listening to. Oh--you want to know about miss raven? Of course you do! She is sitting here on the couch staring at me. She wants me to take her out. Not because she has to go, mind you, but because my dad just took his dog Gracie out. miss raven is feeling a bit jealous. I snapped this picture last night. Isn't she the sweetest? Who could resist this face??

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