Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursday, Thursday, da, da, da, dadada.....

I am starting to kind of like Thursday a lot. Why? So glad you asked. I'm groovin on Thursday because it is one day before Friday. EVERYone LOVES Friday because, well, it's Friday and all. Thursday get a bad wrap sometimes, I think. No one likes Monday, that's a given. Tuesday isn't all that bad, and Wednesday is kind of ho-hum. Everyone likes Friday and Saturday and Sunday, but Thursday is kind of always skipped over. So, I've decided to kind of like Thursday. not as much as Friday and Saturday and Sunday and I am sure that Thursday understands that and all, but I have grown rather fond of Thursday.

Tomorrow there is a baby shower at work. Just another reminder that it isn't me that is having a baby. Of course I will go and of course I made/bought a present, but I will spend the whole time trying not to be jealous. I am happy for her, I really, really am, and I know she will make a good mommy, but it isn't me and that is a huge bummer.

Anyway. Work wasn't awful today. That's good. I had a meeting that laster longer than I was hoping it would and I couldn't read to my K5 class like I usually do but other than that, it wasn't too bad. Only one more day.

C'mon, sing with me....Thursday, Thursday, da, da, dadadada..... ;)

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