Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The weather outside is frightful...

Well, ok. It isn't TOO frightful. It IS yucky, and rainy, and damp, and wet, and icky, but I guess it isn't frightful. It COULD be worse, I suppose. It could be snow, or ice, or sleet. I can deal with rain. Especially when I am in my warm and cozy bed with my warm and cozy dog with a warm and, ok, not really cozy, cup of peppermint coffee. Yum. :)

Today went well. Hump day is over and I only have two more days this week and then it is the weekend! Yea for the weekend! After this weekend I only have ten school days left until Christmas break!! :)

I found out on Monday that Miss H does NOT have the pox! Chicken or otherwise. Apparently her body was just stinking tired of the flu germs and the strep throat germs that it freaked out in a weird chickenpoxlike rash. Yea for no chicken pox, boo for having to go back to school looking like you have the chicken pox. She is such a good kid, though, and I am really glad she didn't miss that much school. Her teacher is rather a bonehead and I worry that, when she misses school, he isn't going to make sure she gets caught up. I know it isn't all that nice for me to call him a bonehead, but really, he is. I speak the truth. I only met the guy once but I really think he may be a little scared of me. Hehehe. That's a good thing. ;)

Two more days until the weekend!!!! :)

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