Friday, January 29, 2010 anyone out there?

So, no questions to answer tonight. How sad is that? :(

I got a big bombshell dropped on me today that I am trying very hard not to stress out about. I was told that I need to find a new place to live immediately. I love where I live. Not only is it convenient to where I work, but it is probably the best place I have lived since moving here sixteen years ago. I have ZERO desire to move. After conferring with my roommate, my father, and my very good friend from work, I called a realtor who gave me some VERY good advice, eased my panic about having to move immediately, and is already working to help me out.

Other than that, my day was pretty good. Not too stressful and that even includes the trip to the grocery store the night before a potential snowstorm. You know, the snowstorm that didn't come in time for me to not have to work today. Anyway. The grocery store wasn't crowded AT ALL, which is very surprising because in this neck of the woods the mere mention of snow sends people into an all out, full blown panic. They rush to the supermarket and buy all the milk, bread, and toilet paper they can get their hands on. Tonight, however, I managed to get everything I needed and not have to wait in line. It was so nice.

Oh--on the way to the grocery store I did have a OMG! moment. So I was driving along, adhereing to the speed limit (REALLY--I WAS!) and ahead of me I spy a state trooper. I wasn't worried at all because I wasn't speeding. So the trooper slowed down, moved over into the turn lane and let me pass. Again, I wasn't worried because I thought he was turning to go the other way. To my great surprise, and utter HORROR, he pulled right behind me and turned on his lights. I have NEVER, EVER been stopped before. EVER. I was FREAKING OUT. It seemed like an eternity before he came over to my vehicle and told me that he just got called to another stop and he was letting me go but my headlight was out. (At this point my heart started beating again. That's helpful for living and all.) No ticket! I stressed all the way home, though, because it was dark and I had to have my lights on and I kept praying that I wouldn't be stopped again. Guess what I am going to get to do on Monday?? :)

So--please, please pray that everything works out for my roommate and me. My wish is that things work out so that I can buy the place and we can continue to live here and not have to worry about moving again. I am trying to remain calm and not stress about it. I know that it will work out eventually. Right? RIGHT??

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