Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day?

Grrrrr.......snow on the weekend bites. No kidding. I so wanted it to snow yesterday so I wouldn't have to go to work.

So, snow today. It is pretty coming down and let me tell you, it is COMING DOWN. The last I heard, we are supposed to get up to 6 inches and the way it is snowing right now, I believe it. miss raven decided she needed to go out a little while ago. When we first went out this morning it wasn't snowing. Just really, really cold. So when I took her out the second time, well, let's just say she was (un)pleasently surprised.
I believe the message she is trying to get across here is: "No, mommy! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!!!!!!" I said yes and so this is what happened next:

You don't need to see pictures of what happened next. That is private. ;) She was very happy to go back inside:Upon removal of her sweater and necklace (that's what we call the leash. it sounds nicer.) she ran directly into the bedroom, jumped up on the bed, and burrowed under the covers. When I got into the room I got the "I can't believe you did that to me!" look. I can guarantee that it will be quite some time before she needs to go back outside. :)

Here is the latest project I finished:

I didn't take a full-out picture because it was rather long and I wouldn't have gotten a good one. The yarn was really soft and surprisingly easy to work with. The pattern calls this a scarf, but I chose to use a thicker yarn so that it would be a shawl. I didn't make it as long as the pattern calls for because again, it was a thicker yarn. The pattern called for six rows of edging but I only completed three because I was almost out of yarn. It turn out really well, was super easy once the pattern was established, and the recipient loves it. :)

I wanted to start on a pair of socks next and I actually did attempt them. I had to put them away, though, because I was getting frustrated by them. Instead I started yet another shawl. I love the yarn--it's a dark pink, and I love the pattern. No recipient in mind....yet. :)

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