Saturday, March 13, 2010

DC in the rain...(Part 2)

So, we went into the city again today. It was just as rainy as yesterday but just as fun because I was with the BEST BFF ever!
As soon as we got off the the Metro we visited Starbucks. Of course. Really, was that a surprise? Venti, non-fat, extra-hot, peppermint latte. In case you were wondering. Anywho.

We walked up to the Bed, Bath, and Beyond so that I could get hot chocolate pods for the Keurig. I know! Doesn't it seem ridiculous to go ALL THE WAY into DC to go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond for hot chocolate?!? I tried to get it at a BB&B somewhere else, but alas, they did not have it. I got Dark Chocolate and Cafe Mocha. I can tell you with confidence that the Dark Chocolate is super yummy. Especially if you add some whipped cream on the top. :)

Oh! On the way to BB&B we stopped at the Crime and Punishment Museum. Miss H, my BFF's little girl, likes that kind of stuff. A few surprises and pictures later and we were off.

We walked back down to the National Gallery and chilled in there for a while. It was so nice. We went to the East Gallery fist because the Calder exhibit is my favorite. This time they even let us take some pictures which they have never done before. Here is the proof:
We went back to the West Gallery and found some nice comfy chairs to relax in. I love sitting there and watching people. (Oh, do I have some stories about some people I saw on the Metro!) After the museum we walked all the way over to Union Station to get some lunch. By this time it was starting to rain pretty hard again. We got there before the serious rain hit, thankfully. we decided to eat at Au Bon Pain. It was good, but not as good as I was hoping it would be and not as good as Cosi the day before. The company was worth it, though. :) We walked around Union Station for a while, got a good deal at the Body Shop (Their Coconut Body Butter is so yummy! I swear if you close your eyes you will think you are at the beach. If you have a really good imagination.) We hopped the Metro there because neither of us wanted to brave the rain to walk to the Botanical Gardens.

We got back to the house and relaxed for a while. And by relaxed I mean she fell asleep and I putzed around for a bit. ;) She really wanted to go to a yummy Italian place called Topolino's for dinner so we went. My roommate went with us which was nice. :) I ate WAY, WAY, WAY too much. Oh, did I eat too much. It was SO good though. I will regret it when I have no pants to wear to school next week, but for now, it was worth it. (Major dieting starting Monday. I can't start tomorrow because I still have Chinese food to finish. Thou shalt not waste Chinese food.)

My BFF has to leave tomorrow to go home. That saddens me. I wish she would move back here but her husband, well......we've been over this, so. I will just look forward to when I will see her again! :)

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