Friday, June 4, 2010

Oh what a day....

Would you like to know about my last 24 hours?  Silly me, of course you would!  Who wouldn't?? ;)

So.  This is the weekend that my BFF and her family always come to visit.  The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure is this weekend and my BFF's mom is now an ELEVEN year SURVIVOR!!!!!  Awesome, right?!  Anyway.  My BFF called me on Memorial Day to tell me that she wouldn't be coming this year.  Her husband's sister-in-law passed away from lung cancer (never smoked, either). 

**side note:  I loathe cancer.  It is hideous and I hope that, someday, a cure is found.  That is why I do the Race for the Cure.  So that more research can be done to help cure breast cancer.  I know that there are many people out there who don't support the Komen foundation because they may (or may not) support abortions.  Seriously.  If we stopped supporting every organization that may (or may not) support abortions or whatever it is that you don't like, we would be Amish.  (disclaimer--that is not meant to be a slam against the Amish.)  If you don't think that the Komen foundation is worthy of support because it may (or may not) support abortion, please keep your opinions to yourself.  Thank you.**

So, my BFF didn't come, but her family (mom, dad, sister, niece) did.  They didn't leave until seven or a little after last night, so they didn't get here until 2:30 this morning.  Most normal people would think "No biggie.  I'll just take a little snooze until my guests get here, then I'll open the door, let them in and go back to sleep."  Notice I said "normal" people.  Did I want to go to sleep?  Yes.  Did I go to sleep?  NO!  Why?  Because I was worried that I wouldn't hear the phone or them pounding on the door when they got here.  Sigh.  So, I was up until almost three this morning.  And then, because the sunlight POURS into my room in the morning, I was up at the cheery hour of SIX.  Can I tell you how many degrees of wrong that was?  I looked at the clock, thought, "Oh, heck no.", wrapped the pillow around my eyes, and promptly went back to sleep.  Until 9:30.  When I woke up, my first thought, I kid you not, was COFFEE.  NOW.  So I quietly went out and made some.

Everyone else eventually woke up and got ready to go out.  I wasn't sure what they were going to do today but I needed to get some things done.  Keep that in mind.  It affects what happens later.  I promise.  BFF's mom and dad went outside and came back in with my housewarming present.  Yea me!  They brought me an Adirondack chair!  I have wanted one of those bad boys for a LONG time and now I have one!  They put it together for me and even stained it.  I can't wait to lounge in it after work this week!!! 

They decided to go out for brunch.  They left and I got ready to go out.  Remember?  I had things to do today. :)  I drove to a shopping center about 20 minutes from the house.  I got new nosepads for my glasses (thrilling, I know) and got my hair cut.  Whoo-hoo--I so needed that!  Then, I headed back to my truck so that I could drive over to the Target and Marshall's because I wanted to look for a couple of pairs of capris and maybe a new dress.  I unlocked the truck, got in, put on the sunglasses, and stuck the key in the ignition.  Turned the key.  Nothing.  Hmmmmmm.  Adjust the wires of the security device (sometimes that works).  Still nothing.  Oh crap.  Call BFF's mom.  They were at Lowe's getting the stain for the chair and a new lock for my back door.  They head my way.  Call a friend.  She is moving but the people that were helping her have jumper cables.  The wife calls the husband, the husband heads my way...with the jumper cables.  Call a friend from work for the number of a garage.  Call the garage.  It's probably the battery.  Say a quick prayer (Dear God, please let it only be the battery!)  The BFF's family shows up.  I am sweating like a pig by this time.  Put the truck in neutral, back into another parking space.  Call the friend, don't send the jumper cables because we are taking the battery out (Say another prayer:  Dear God, me again.  Please, please let it only be the battery.)  and heading to Auto Zone.  (Say another prayer:  Dear God, I'm back.  I forgot to ask you before...please let the new Auto Zone be open now.)  Take battery out.  Go to Auto Zone.  (Thank you, Lord.)  Purchase new battery, other battery-related thingies, and Antifreeze.  Go back to truck.  Insert new battery.  Pray again.  (Dear God, when I turn the key, please, please let the truck start.)  Hold breath.  Turn key......

To be continued.

Just kidding.  TRUCK STARTS!!!!!!  Pray again.  THANK YOU, GOD!!!!.  Go to Starbucks.  Did not buy clothes.  Bought a battery instead.  Can't wear battery but now can drive truck to work to earn more money to possibly buy some new clothes in a few weeks.

Thank God (seriously) for good friends who treat me like family.

The end.

Ok.  There was more to my day, obviously.  We ended the day by going to a really yummy Italian restaurant where I, as usual, ate way too much.  Sigh.  I keep saying I need to eat right but then I don't.  I need to get my will power back.  I really do.

Tomorrow I have to get up super early so I am going to end this mind-blowingly long post.  Have a happy weekend! :)


  1. I hate having vehicle issues! Glad it was just a battery!

  2. You also forgot the part about "I called my dad to tell him about the problem" JK! Glad it all worked out.

  3. Gracie enjoyed Raven's "Day" least Raven gets to nap on a bed. Gracie just has the "cool" tile floor. Looking forward to seeing Raven this summer. We can bark at each other!