Saturday, June 5, 2010


This post could be could be in serious contention for the Most Boring Post of the Century Award.  Don't say I didn't warn you.

Today was a good day.  Forget the fact that I am having issues falling asleep at night all of the sudden.  We won't focus on that for now.  Other than that, it was a good day. :)

I rode into the city with my BFF's family for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.  It's something that we do every year and something that I really look forward to.  I didn't run the race like I did last year and I am really, really disappointed in myself.  I am trying not to be too hard on myself because I have had some real craziness the last few months, but I must stop making excuses for my lack of exercise and my lack of willpower to eat correctly.  Ugh.  I am such a stress/mood eater.  I need to work on overcoming that.

Anyway.  We didn't go in as early as we usually do, which was nice because I didn't feel as rushed.  The Metro didn't seem as crowded, either.  When we finally got there we went right to the Survivor tent so that MOBFF (mom of BFF) could get her goodie bag.  Then we went around to the different tents to see what else was being handed out.  The Ford tent, the Komen tent, and The Komen Truck thingie are always high on our list of initial stops.  I have every Ford bandana/scarf for the last several years.  I really like how they make them now because they are much more versatile.  At the Komen tent we look around and sometimes purchase things.  Last year I got a good runners watch, a shirt, and some capris.  This year I got a pink ribbon magnet for my truck (the truck that works wonderfully now!! :) ), some little pink ribbon studs, and a pink water bottle.  At the Komen truck thingie we always get whatever bag they are giving out that year.  This year's bag was like the one from last year but they are such handy yarn bags.  (Freddie-don't you DARE roll your eyes and think what you are thinking.  I am NOT a yarn hoe.  LOL!)

After we stopped at those places we walked around for a little bit longer before resting for a bit.  It was SO hot outside today.  Hot and humid.  Hot and humid and sticky.  Yep.  June in DC.  It's great! :) 

After we rested for a bit and repacked/rearranged our bags we started in the general direction of Ford's Theatre.  When we got to the Metro I split off from them so that I could come back to the house and do some laundry and also help a friend move.  Well, most of the moving was done but I did go over and help put things away and move some furniture around. 

I came home, did some more laundry, and welcomed FOBFF (family of BFF) as they made their way back from a fun day in the city.  They ate pizza, I ate fish and couscous and salad, and now I am blogging for you.

LOL!!  After the last two days I am not certain that I will have too many more readers.  How boring is my life?!?!  Well, if you have stuck with me thus far please know that you have my heartfelt thanks!! :)

Have a Super Sunday!!

miss raven says "woof"  ;)


  1. glad u had a good day at the Komen and u got another bag for yarn (eye roll) LOL! I mean u do have to put ALL that yarn somewhere! right?

  2. Thanks for helping me organize. It was a HUGE help! Still lots to do but it's livable!