Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I'm still here.

I'm all moved in.

The spare room is looking less chaotic thanks to all the work I put into it today.

miss raven and I are walking every night (well, for the last two nights, anyway).

I discovered that I have documents to shred that are from the 90's.

I still love my kitchen.

miss raven figured out how to slip out of the gate.  Fortunately she was firmly attached to the leash at the time.

Summer TV sucks bigtime.

I miss my BFF and won't get to see her this weekend as planned. :(

I eat when I am bored.  Which is alot lately.  That is not good for my wardrobe.  Hence the cleaning out of the spare room today and the walks at night.

I need a lawnmover.

Did I answer all your questions?  No?  Then you'll have to let me know what else is on your mind. :)


  1. I was afraid that she would be able to get out of that gate :( good thing you have that baby gate. I so wish tomorrow was Friday.

  2. Glad you are settled in! Enjoy your new home!