Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

wait.  Did I say the most wonderful?  Tsk, tsk.  Silly me.  What on earth was I thinking?

does not make me happy.

means that fall is here. 

There is a chill in the air in the mornings when I let her:

out to go potty.  Soon I will be able to see my breath and that, my dear bloggy friends, does NOT make me happy. (BTW--isn't that the most adorable picture of my girlie?  I think so. :) )

Right now, as I blog, I am sitting on the couch.  My left foot is propped up and I am giving serious consideration to popping a few more ibuprofen.  Sigh.  I fell at school today.  The good thing?  None of my students saw.  The bad thing?  I'm not as young as I used to be and I hurt something fierce.  I don't even want to think about how sore I am going to be tomorrow.  My foot hurts, my hip hurts, my back hurts.  I. AM. OLD.  Hush, BFF.  You can deny it all you want.  I am a realist.

I have not built up enough courage to go to the yarn store gathering thingie tomorrow night.  I'm working on it, though, so maybe next week.  I'll keep you posted.

On the food front:  I have done well the last two days.  I am hoping that my willpower has finally found it's way home again.  Yesterday morning, when I tried to put on a pair of pants that fit me well at the end of the school year and then felt like I was in that Subway commercial where the pant's buttons go flying off to the tune of the 1812 Oveture.....yeah, that didn't make me feel so good.  So, I have been very diligent the last two days in making sure that I watch my portions and don't inhale everything when I get home.  I wish I didn't love food so much.  Or at least not want it so much when I need comfort.  Boo on you, emotional eating.  Boo and hiss.

Oh and do I have an exciting post for tomorrow.  Wait for it.....wait.....


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  1. You fell... :( :( :( :( You should have called me so I could give you a hug over the phone... :(
    I hope that you are feeling better by now!!!! (It's 9/10) And no you are NOT old! Remember that...YOUARENOTOLD!!!!!!! :) LOVE the picture of Miss Raven! Come down here it is still in the 90s!!!! :) MISSYOUVERYMUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!