Sunday, February 6, 2011

Some things that keep me busy...

Besides her:

Truth be told, she is pretty low maintenance.  Aaannnnndddd....I love her.

Aside from playing a select few games on Facebook, I also love to crochet.  I'm pretty good at it, if I do say so myself.  I'm no expert, but people tend to be pleased with the products I produce.  Lately I have been working on finishing a gift for an up-coming baby shower.  I won't, at this time, get into the fact that baby showers completely depress me.  So do bridal showers.  Ahem.


Here are the finished products:





Currently I am working on a couple of scarves for a friend.  I hope to have them finished within the week.  They aren't my favorite colors, but they aren't for me, so it doesn't matter.

I have some absolutely GORGEOUS yarn that I am hanging on to right now.  I know what I want to make with it but I have made myself wait to use it until I lose at least 15 pounds.  That could take for-freaking-ever seeing as how in the last month I have lost a grand total of ZERO pounds.  I am beyond frustrated with that.  I haven't gained anything and that is lovely but I haven't lost anything and that makes me cranky and makes me feel like everything I do at the gym is pointless.

Speaking of food...uh, weren't we?  Tonight is the Super Bowl and we are having a party.  By "we" I mean her:

and me.  What can I say?  We are just party animals.  Well, one of us is, anyway.  I'll let you figure out for your own self which one that would be.  We (and be "we" I mean ME) are having a Lean Cuisine pizza, mockamole (Don't gross's guacamole you make with peas instead of avacado.  I've never tried it before but am keeping my fingers crossed.), baked tortilla chips, and low-fat raspberry truffle ice cream.  I really, really, REALLY, wanted to get one of those yummy, cheesy DiGornio-type concotions but then, thank my diet-fairy-angel, I looked at the calories on the back of the box. O-M-G!!!!  It was death-by-calorie, so I put the box back into the freezer and wheeled my shopping cart down to the Lean Cuisine section.  My arteries thanked me.

I hope that you had a wonderful weekend and a great week ahead! :)

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  1. That blanket is beyond beautiful! I like your work.