Monday, April 11, 2011

Two in a row!...

...don't get too excited, little brother.  I make no promises as to how long this will last!

Today was stunningly beautiful.  I mean it.  Absolutely, completely gorgeous.  It was like Monday decided to cut me a break.  The weather was gorgeous, work was uneventful, the weather was gorgeous.  It was so nice and warm outside today I wanted to just stay out there all day long.  Alas, I could not.

Aside from having to suspend a child today, work was not bad.  I took a walk at lunch and it was wonderful to feel the sun on my face and arms.  Positively delightful, I tell you.

After work (because really, no matter what kind of a break Monday cut me, do we really need to talk about work?  I thought not.) I came home and let miss raven out.  We did not go for a walk.  Not because she didn't want to but because I was just too lazy to do so.  I let her play in the yard and I sat in my lovely chair with my lovely kindle and got to reading a new book.  Lovely, I tell you.  Simply lovely.

I cooked on the grill tonight!  Yea for warm weather and chicken on the grill.  OMG!  I rocked that chicken.  So yummy!!!  I was a freaking culinary genius tonight thankyouverymuch.  The only downside was that I should have cooked more than two pieces.  I have one left but that has already been delegated to being chopped up and added to some cooled couscous and chopped raw veggies for salad for lunch for the rest of the week.  Yummy!

The warm weather is sadly not going to last long.  It is supposed to be back to being dreary and rainy and winterlike tomorrow.  Our Spring Break is next week and I am praying hard for at least one nice weather day so that I can go to the beach.  Oh heck.  Who am I kidding?  I want every day to be a nice weather day next week.  I am greedy like that.

Right now it is twenty of nine and I am trying to decide if coffee would be a bad idea at this late hour.  I have a feeling that the craving is going to win out because it sounds so good right now.  If I blog at two in the morning you'll know it was a bad idea.  Here's hoping not.




  1. See? I do comment. Just sayin.

  2. Two words for Matt...THANK YOU for guilting your sister into blogging again!!!! She has a very happy BFF!!!!

    Beautiful weather, grilled chicken, sitting outside and reading....PERFECTEVENING!!!!!!! Wishing I was there!!!! MISSYOUSOOOOOOOVERYMUCH!!!!!!

  3. oh and coffee is NEVER a bad idea! :)

  4. Just doin' my part for society.... ;)