Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tonight's post is brought to you by the letters...

R.A.N.D.O. and M.

Strap in and try to keep up with the thoughts bouncing around in my cranial cavity...

  • Did I tell you I have a pen pal?  She is from England.  How super cool is that?  So far I know the following about her:  she is from England, she is an artist, she breeds butterflies, and some other stuff.  I owe her a letter and yet here I am, blogging.  You're welcome.
  • We went on a field trip a few Friday's ago.  We were supposed to go to an outdoor place but, alas, it was raining.  We ended up going into the city to a couple of museums.  All's well that end's well, though.  The kids had a great time.  My class was very obedient and amazed the museum staff with their good manners and their brilliance.  I was, of course, modest in my acceptance of the praise they received.  ;)
  • On the aforementioned field trip I had two parents who sat a few seats behind me on the bus.  The whole way into the city the talked about how much they disliked my school and how their children weren't learning anything.  I wanted to turn around and say, "Excuse me, I can hear you."  Nice, right?
  • Making up for those parents was the parent who gave me a FIFTY DOLLAR gift card to Michael's craft store so that I can purchase supplies for art.  I was surprised and thankful.  It has already been put to good use and I have a Christmas project/gift for their parents now.  Score!
  • Last night it was so cold that miss raven and I slept with a sheet, a duvet, and TWO crocheted blankets on top of us.  Neither of us wanted to get out of bed this morning.  I had to...she didn't.
  • My principal and I were supposed to have a meeting with the mother and grandmother of Speshul Snowflake.  Mom decided yesterday that she would go ahead and invite another parent to the meeting as well.  My principal told her in no uncertain terms that was unacceptable.  A few minutes ago I received an e-mail asking us to "re-schedule" the meeting due to a doctor's appointment.  Mm-hmmm.
  • I have also discovered that this mother is trying to stir the pot with my other parents.  Fortunately, the other parents have seemingly rallied around me.  Phew!
  • I'm drinking hot chocolate.  Not coffee.  No, nothing is wrong with me.
  • We just finished studying insects in science.  I found three caterpillars in my yard and brought them to school about two weeks ago.  Yesterday we discovered that one of the caterpillars had come out of it's chrysalis and emerged as a beautiful butterfly (don't worry--we let it go.)  AMAZING SCORE!  Guess who is getting the coolest teacher of the year award? ;)
  • I baked and frosted 48 cupcakes over the weekend.  And didn't eat any batter or icing.  Yes, I am proud of me.
  • I participated in another Coffee, Chocolate, and Fiber swap on Ravelry.  Here is what I got:
          I know that some of it is hard to see, so let me explain my booty...well, you know what I mean.
               --1 knitted pumpkin tape measure
               --1 handmade bar of lavender soap
               --2 bars of chocolate, 1 with coconut and 1 with raspberries
               --1 bag of chocolate cappuccino coffee
               --1 hank of gorgeous blue-green yarn
  • The Cowboys suck again this year.  The Eagles seemingly suck worse.  The Redskins seem to not suck.  It's backwards world in the NFL.
  • My niece will be 4 soon.  She has discovered Hello Kitty.  Guess what she is getting for her birthday?  Let's just say I took a little trip to Build A Bear on Sunday.  Oh yes,  please pause and admire me for my amazing brilliance.  ;)
  • I need some crochet time before bed.
  • Goodnight from me and her:

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