Thursday, October 6, 2011

When your bladder is the size of a walnut...

then you feel the need to wake mommy up at 3:45.  Right, miss raven?


If this was Friday it wouldn't be so bad. 


It isn't Friday.

It's Thursday.


At least I don't have to worry about any meetings today.  I don't think.

I do have to worry about a couple of parents, though.

I was kind of discouraged with my class yesterday.  Not their behaviour as they really, really are a good group of kids.  Most of them do very well academically, too; however, I have a few that are just going to struggle because they didn't get a good foundation.  I have a few that are going to struggle because they are (how shall I say this??)  more concerned with everything BUT school.

Yesterday my kids took an English test over commas, quotation marks, colons, underlining, contractions, and possessives.  Most of them did well.  Five of them didn't.  Now, three of the five are the kids that struggle with reading to begin with so I knew that they might not do well on the test.  The other two, though.  No excuse.  Sadly (for me) it is the parents of those two who will blame me for their child's bad grade.

Now, here's the thing.  I created the test.  I made it as easy as I could without being over-the-top, ridiculously easy.  I also sent a worksheet/study guide home the night before the test.  The worksheet had exercises that were similar to the ones that were going to be on the test.  I e-mailed the parents and told them about the homework and asked that they please go over it with their child to make sure that their angel understood.

With the exception of one of those five kids, it was abundantly clear that no parental help was given.  Those other four kids just threw something down on the paper to avoid getting into trouble for not having their homework done.  The ironic thing is, the two kids whose parents will give me a hard time are the kids whose parents tell me all the time how they are helping their angel at home and it is basically my fault that they don't get it.

Um.  Based on what I saw from their homework that is clearly not happening.

Why can't it be Friday?


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