Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Do you ever feel...

like telling everyone you're closed for a while?  Stop telling me your issues and problems.  I'm closed.  I'm not here.  Don't leave a message because the mailbox is full?

Why is it that people think you want to hear all about their "issues" when they happen to be the same type of issues that cause your own heart to break?

Have you ever just wanted to just yell "Shut up!  Quit complaining about your problems to me because every time you do it is like pouring salt into my wounds that are just beginning to heal?"

Yeah.  Me, either.

My students are still pretty much wonderful.  They finished their 550 piece backyard bird puzzle today and were SO excited!  I have pictures of the finished puzzle but am currently too lazy to lean over and get my camera and load them on the computer.  You'll just have to take my word for it for now.

So there.

SS came to school today!  And couldn't understand why I wouldn't give her the answers to a test we were taking because, after all, she wasn't there when we went over the material.  Um.  Yeah.  Come to school and we won't have that problem, will we?

Speaking of mean teachers (and I do not put myself into that category)...did anyone else happen to see the piece on the news about the Special Ed teacher and her assistant in Ohio?  O.M.G.  Apparently, this kid kept going home and complaining to her parents that her teacher (and the assistant) were picking on her.  The parents went to the principal but the principal didn't believe them and said the kid was lying.  The parents then sent the kid into school with a hidden tape recorder and have FOUR days worth of tape that proves their point.  It was really sad to listen to and I felt bad for the kid.  Why on earth do people become teachers if they don't like dealing with children?

That being said...




Good night.


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  1. Sounds like you have been talking to that someone again. Still have the same opnion on that one... :o( Soandso, SHUT UP already!!!
    550 pieces huh...WOW that sounds like a nightmare to me! I would be proud and excited too! YEA Class! Get ready for a 'you are a mean and terrible teacher' letter from SS's mom and grandmom! U-G-H!!!
    That is really sad about the student. I have an answer for that question...all holidays (snow days) and summers off! Sad I know!