Saturday, January 14, 2012

This was supposed to be a productive day for me.



Unless, of course, you consider sitting on the couch, playing games on Facebook, and generally cursing all MANkind productive.

Which I am guessing you do not.

I have a confession to make and please don't judge me....

My Christmas tree is still up.

See...I was planning on taking it down today and then I didn't because I was cursing all MANkind.  You know what I mean.

I have had no real energy today and that pretty much sucks.  I did do several loads of laundry though, so that should count for something.  Oh!  And I changed the sheets on my bed.  Just in case you were change I mean I took the sheets off, washed them, and put them right back on.

Does anyone else HATE trying to fold a fitted sheet?!?

So the tree-taking-down has been postponed until tomorrow.  In between football games.

Speaking of football, which we were, I am currently watching the Saints get kicked to the curb by the 49ers.  This doesn't make me happy because I don't like the 9ers.  Not that I truly love the Saints but I do consider them to be the lesser of two evils.

I am hoping to watch the Broncos beat the Patriots this evening but I am not holding my breath.  I am on the Tim Tebow bandwagon and all but I don't think they have a snowball's chance in H-E-double hockey sticks to beat the Patriots IN New England.  Sadly.  Because I REALLY don't like the Patriots.

Now on to the good stuff...

I came home yesterday and found a box waiting for me.  My Christmas present from my BFF had arrived!  With much anticipation I unlocked the door, dressed miss raven in her sweater and let her out, and dived in to opening the box.

I was NOT disappointed!  Look at my AWESOME present from my even more AWESOME BFF!!!!
 New ornament for my (still standing) tree.  Even though she hates football.

 She made me this awesome cowl!  It is a gorgeous pink and so warm and snuggly!

 Smelling these candles made me think of the beach.

 Only a true BFF would crochet me a football.  :)

 CA-ute little bag that also makes me think of the beach.

 This picture doesn't do this jewelry justice.  The colors are amazing and I am in LOVE with the necklace.

 My BFF is so uber-talented!  She also made me this necklace and earrings, and....

 ...this bag (made out of duct tape.  Who knew?)

 Metallic pink make-up bag...

...full of all kinds of goodies!

I love, love, love it all!  She completely outdid herself and has slightly changed my mind about duct tape.  ;)  Isn't she awesome!  I have the best BFF in the whole world!  She also sent me a bag of dark chocolate covered espresso beans...of which I have had a few many.

Update:  the Saints scored a touchdown and a two point conversion.  The 9ers trail by three but have the ball on the Saints 13 yard line with 14 seconds left.  Not that you care.  Well, crap.  They just scored a touchdown.  Only nine seconds left.  The Saints are on their way home.


I think it might time for some more coffee.




  1. You're not alone...our Christmas lights were still up as of this morning. :-) And I do the same thing with sheets because it drives me crazy trying to make the fitted sheet fold up nicely. :-)

  2. Thanks for rooting for the Saints. My husband says it is my fails that they lost. He says they play better when I am not watching. Oh well...

  3. Thanks, Jamie! It's Monday and the tree is *still8 up but coming down in a little bit.

    Lori, I feel the *same* way about my Cowboys! It always seems like, when I watch the game they lose. It drives me CRAZY!

    Thanks for commenting, ladies! It makes me smile to see comments on my posts. :)