Monday, April 30, 2012



So.  I didn't do quite so well in the bloggy department last week.

I finally figured out why.

I'm annoyed that I can't add pictures anymore.  I love adding pictures.  I know I'm not the greatest photographer, but I do love being able to show all 18 of you that I actually do the things I tell you I do.

Like Babette.  She is coming along swimmingly but, unless you are on Ravelry, you can't see that for yourselves.  I am currently about halfway through section 10.  Once that is finished all that is left is to complete the border.  I am surprised at how fast she is getting done and, although I really do hate to sew and I REALLY hate all the 2 round squares, I would totally make her again.  I found a pattern that allows you to add to more sections to give her some extra length and width and I fell in love with that.  What I think I am going to do is, after I finish this one, take a break and work on some other things, then come back to a new Babette in the fall.

I need to get started on my garden (such as it will be) soon.  I am going to put in a couple of pepper plants, a couple of cucumbers, and two or three tomatoes.  I'm glad that I didn't start any sooner, though, because the weather here has turned colder than usual.  I had been wearing sandals to school (to the detriment of my poor foot) but I am back in my tennis shoes as it has gotten much chillier.

School will be over in just a few weeks (13 and a half school days, to be exact) and I still can't believe it.  This is the first year in a long time that I actually wouldn't mind if we went another week or two.  :)

miss raven is doing well.  she is asleep beside me.  she has been very snuggly lately and I love it.  It is almost time for her yearly check-up and she won't be happy with having to go to the doctor.

And now, although I haven't said too much, I must go.  I have a ton of things to grade, an English test to create, and a sleepy puppy to adore.

I promise, promise, promise to be a better blogger!  Thanks for sticking with me!



    I can not wait to see Babette!!! If I can remeber how to get onto Raverly I will go and see it! ;O)
    I know this year has flown! My girl is counting the days! I would be too if I were spending 2 1/2 weeks in Florida!!!
    HAVE A FUN DAY!!!!

  2. Had to tell you again how beautiful Babette is! I still think you should think about framing it and hanging it up. It would look great! So happy that this year has gone so well for you and it's almost over and you can enjoy your summer! And, yes, please blog more, I will appreciate it! ;)