Monday, May 7, 2012

What I did this weekend...

Isn't that very "teacherish" of me?

1.  I went to the annual Sheep and Wool Festival in these parts.  It was lovely.  I spent money.  I pet sheep.  I drooled over yarn yumminess.  I was crazy jealous of all the spinners I saw.  I had a wonderful, wonderful time.

2.  I registered for my beginning knitting class.  I have the book, the yarn (purple wool), and size 9 circular needles.  Bamboo and not metal.  I am seriously nervous but the nice older lady at the shop told me that if I can crochet, I can knit.  I want to believe her.  The other (much younger) worker person told me that she had a student take beginning knitting last month and is taking a beginning sock making class tonight.  There is hope for me, I think.

3.  I. Finished. Babette.




I am very, very happy with her, although the border is a little wonky.

Anyone wishing to leave me lovely comments about my Babette may (please) feel free to do so.  :)

I took the day off today and I realized that I only have nine, NINE more days with my kiddos.  That makes me sad.  I predict many tears on May 18.  :(

miss raven is doing well.  she has been very playful of late and this pleases me.  I am looking forward to spending much time with her this summer.

Now.  I am off to make coffee and to try to figure out what is going to fill the void left in my crafting life with the completion of Babette....

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  1. Way to step outside of your box! Learning to knit...oh if I only had the time! Happy to hear that you had fun at the fesitval! Babette is LOVELY!!!! You did such a wonderful job!!!
    9 more days huh! Tears..then...S-U-M-M-E-R-F-U-N!!!!! Oh how I wish law firms had summer break! LOL!
    Give Ms. Raviebaby a pat for me! :o)