Thursday, January 31, 2013

it should be over...

today is the last day of january.

that means that winter should be over, right?

saturday, the stupid groundhog will come out of his stupid hole and see his stupid shadow.  this, of course, means six more weeks of winter.

except that, it doesn't really matter because, as i proved to my lovelies today, using the calendar, winter will last six more weeks ANYway, regardless of whether or not the stupid rodent sees his stupid shadow.

stupid winter.

i learned something new today that i would like to share with you.  this is brought to you by the minds of 10 year old students.

are you familiar with the term "bats in the cave"?

apparently that means that you have a, how shall i put this, a "visitor" in your nose.

"bats in the cave"

now you've heard everything, right?


1 comment:

  1. Hey, by any chance to you dislike winter?????
    I really couldn't tell.


    I can't wait for WARM and SUNNY!!!!!

    'Bats in the cave' is great!!!!