Saturday, February 2, 2013

A list...

I really don't have much to say tonight.


Here is the list:

  1. I lost another 3.4 pounds this week.  That makes a little over 8 pounds in the last three weeks.  I am happy with this.
  2. I went to a student's birthday party today.  And did not go to my knitting group.  Sigh.
  3. The stupid groundhog did NOT see his stupid shadow.  Winter should therefore be over, right?  Why then are we getting snow tonight?  And tomorrow night?
  4. If we MUST get snow, why isn't it enough to keep me out of school on Monday??
  5. I broke down and went to Starbucks today.  I had a Venti, extra-hot, non-fat peppermint mocha.  It has quite a few calories.  It was so worth it!
  6. I got new slippers today.  They are pink and have sheep on them.  Perfect for a yarn ho like me, no?
  7. I got my very first spam comment on the blog.  It wasn't nasty (thankfully) and it is now deleted.
  8. I think it's time for more coffee.
The end.


1 comment:

  1. WAY TO GO on the weight loss!!!! You ROCK!!!

    Thank you for blogging! It lightens my day and give me something to look forward to! :o)

    Pics of the slippers???